Blogs are the new black. There are thousands of them on the world wide web.There are blogs about everything.

From fashion to food, from motherhood to travel.  People have stopped using the phonedirectory and are using the internet instead to have their questions answered.

If you feel like you’re floundering in a sea of food and fitness blogs we’ve made it simple for you by compiling the best 12.


1)Nourished Kitchen

Nourished Kitchen is a website devoted to “reviving traditional foods”. They appreciate “real food” and develop delicious, wholesome recipes that use fresh, seasonal ingredients.

You can search recipes by category or by date. Nourished Kitchen caters for all occassions providing recipes from Bittersweet Tigernut Brownies to Potato and Leek soup. The website also has a meal planning feature, perfect for parents who want to plan their meals for the week.

2)JS Health

Jessica Sepel offers a unique and holistic approach to nutrition. She describes how her struggles with body image and food have contributed to her passion to help people “heal.”

“I understand the dangers of chronic dieting and over-exercising, because I’ve been there. I want to teach you how to eat with a deep sense of peace and enjoyment by choosing nourishing foods that suit your individual needs,” she writes.

JS Health features a bunch of nourishing, nutritious recipes that also cater for coeliacs and vegans.

Although I don’t agree with parts of her philosophy relating to “clean eating” her recipes are great ones to try.

3) Naturally Ella

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate more vegetarian recipes into your diet then this is the place for you.

Ella’s blogging journey began in 2007. She is strongly against “counting calories” and believes in “not being obsessive, there’s just no point”. That’s a cause we can all get behind.

Her recipes are photographed beautifully. Her website also features an “explore an ingredient” tab where you can search an ingredient and explore ways to prepare it.

4) Sprouted Kitchen

Sprouted Kitchen was created by a couple Sara and Hugh with Sara being the mastermind behind the recipes and Hugh being the photography genius. Sara aims to “make food taste good through using natural ingredients” whilst also not subscribing to food being labelled as “good” and “bad.”

Sara has developed delicious, wholesome recipes for each season, social occasion and mealtime. With hundreds of recipes to choose from, you’re sure to find some that you love.

5) The Balanced Blonde

Jordan Younger is the mastermind behind The Balanced Blonde. This blog has a fascinating story. Prior to being Tha Balanced Blonde, her website was called The Blonde Vegan. Jordan publically broke veganism and has written a book about why she chose to do this.

Jordan is open about her struggles with orthorexia and now adopts a balanced apprach to eating.

Jordan’s website is packed with delicious and nutritious recipes as well as blog posts on wellbeing and self-acceptance.

6) Fitness on Toast

Fitness on Toast is the brain child of London-based Swedish personal trainer Faya. The blog was originally a way for Faya to share healthy recipes, fitness tips and fitness fashion. It has grown exponentially and has become a platform for Faya to share great recipes and fitness knowledge.

She posts recipes that cater for all meal times. She caters well for vegetarians, posting heaps of meat free recipes that are perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  1. Greatist

The Greatist team have a fantastic fitness component to their website. They have articles on pretty much everything from how to do a full body warm up to how to perform the “perfect deadlift”. They tend to steer clear of weight loss terminology which shows the progression of the fitness industry toward health rather than weight.

If you’re a runner, a lifter or if you’re new to fitness, Greatist is a good place to start.

2) Ace Fitness

This website is packed full of fitness tips. The fitness articles posted on Ace have serious knowledge behind them. The articles are written by people working in the industry as personal trainers or fitness educators so you know the information you’re absorbing is based on fact and experience.

From what yoga poses to do before bed to deadlift variations, the ACE fitness blog has got your fitness questions covered.

3) Lift Like a Girl

This site is a great one for women entering fitness. Nia Shanks, founder of Lift Like a Girl, is a strong believer in strength training. Nia focuses on how fitness can benefit your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing rather than a means to look “good.”

The website features some killer workouts and exercises that aim to make you stronger and more empowered.

4) Daily Burn

Daily Burn has a great compilation of fitness archives. They separate their articles by type of activity with tabs on cardio, strength training and yoga.

The articles highlight the benefits of certain types of training and also provide advice on how to perform exercises properly.

In addition to the fitness tab where there are loads of great training tips, they also have workout archives. These archives include exercise challenges that you can do by yourself or with a partner.

5) Livestrong

Livestrong is pretty much the Holy Grail of fitness and nutrition content. They’ve got articles on all things health and fitness.

Similarly to Daily Burn and Ace, Livestrong post plenty of articles on workouts. If you’re wondering whether you should work out if you’re sick or what workouts to try if there’s no equipment available, they’ve got the answer.

Livestrong also provide recipes and articles on nutrition, making it a great place to go for food and fitness.

6) Breaking Muscle

This website has really got it going on. Their fitness and exercise content can be found under the “Train” tab.

This website has got organisation perfected. Their articles are filed into categories that are specific to type of training, gender and sport.

They have content for mothers, yoga-lovers, athletes, newbie weightlifters and so much more. They provide practical and useful training tips as well as advice on recovery strategies and nutrition. Their articles are not just informative they’re also entertaining which adds to the appeal of this website.

Those of our favourite food and fitness blogs of 2016. They’re informative, they’re entertaining and they’re all about inspiring others to make the most out of their life.

Posted by Sophia Hatzis

Sophia is a Law and Communications student at UTS and has been a passionate writer her whole life. She runs a blog called The Beauty Breakdown which aims to educate young people about the importance of positive body image. Sophia writes openly about her struggles with mental health problems having battled with an eating disorder and anxiety for most of her adolescence. Sophia is a strong advocate for a holistic approach to health and wellness which is drawn from her own experiences.