When we started doing yoga it was because we had been told by many friends and read in many magazines that the benefits of yoga were vast and well worth a try. But as life tends to do sometimes we never really made the effort to go and do it properly with serious dedication.

A course her or a class there always drifting on the edge of the yoga crowd without really knowing its true power and transformative benefits. All that changed when my best friend Sara lost a bet with a coworker and was pushed into 30 days of constant yoga practice.

Sara being Sara refused to partake in such a silly activity unless I came along for the ride. Being a good friend and equally tragic yoga practitioner I put my hand up and said that I would dutifully help her through the 30-day yoga challenge. Two friends, two mats, one yoga studio and the world’s biggest yoga beginners. I mean how hard could it be right?

Introduction To Our Yoga 30 Day Challenge

Let’s get this right out there in the open from the outset, shall we? This is a going to be a no holds barred breakdown of my yoga experience and the learning I have come away with. This is my attempt to do yoga 30 days in a row. This is not going to be a list of Yoga Poses For Beginners or some bullshit breakdown of asanas because there are already a million of those out there on Wikipedia and on Youtube. We are going to get into the real life practice and routine of practising yoga every day for 30 days and the changes that I felt physically and mentally as we took this journey.

The real reason I agreed to the yoga experience is one because I love Sara and no one wants to push through 30 days of nonstop yoga alone (more on that later) and because it was high time I took my health, wellness and overall wellbeing back into my own hands. For years I had felt disconnected from my body and worse my health. Don’t get me wrong I lead a relatively healthy lifestyle and partake in moderate exercise but to say I have been pretty casual with it is kind of an understatement. Detox/Retox anyone?

Yoga Gear & Equipment For Beginners

No we had been told by numerous reliable sources that walking straight into the yoga studio with all the gear and no idea was commonplace but because Sara and I are both saving up for a property and a holiday respectively we didn’t want to blow a hole tonne of cash on brand new yoga gear without at least doing a class first.

That said we did some Googling and found some rough ideas of what we might be expected to have ready for a class. Most yoga studios allow you to rent gear if you don’t have any but here are some common items we found that at least let you get started.

To be perfectly honest we found that a lot of the gear out there is all a bit over the top and that you really don’t need much yoga equipment to get started. From the reading, we did there are a couple of items that increase comfort during your practice and reduce the likelihood of injury so we ended up getting the bare minimum.

1. Yoga Membership

More on this later but essentially you are going to want to have at least some kind of membership to access yoga. There are a million free options out there but one of the great things about having the membership is that it forces you to use it. It also gives you a structure learning environment. Regardless of whether it is in a studio or a yoga app subscription, it is alway good to have a guide or a yoga teacher.

2. Yoga Books Or Magazines

If you are looking to get really immersed in the world of yoga then nothing does it quite like a good read or quick flip through a great yoga magazine. These are great for diving deep into the yoga Asanas and their detail as well as getting some history on the yoga movement.

3. Yoga DVD’s & Online Videos

In a previous post, we walked you through the best free online yoga videos. Well, there is so much content out there that it is almost hard to know where to start. We found that following some of the more educated and premium content on YouTube was more than enough to get a head start on some of the key yoga poses. While you can easily grab some yoga dvds for beginners at the local video store or book shop we found that the actual studios have lots of great content that you can generally borrow of them.

4. Yoga CDs, Podcasts & Audio Books

We are all busy people these days so there is no better format for offline learning then audio. We started with basic guided meditations and then grew into more fully comprehensive guided yoga sessions. You can also find great relaxation soundtracks that are great to get yourself in the mood for meditation.

5. Yoga Mat

We both had old mats from old yoga sessions with friends and family but they lacked the polished presence of some of the newer models we were seeing online. We made the decision to just use the old ones until we had done a few sessions and got a better grasp of what we would need. You could probably write an entire article on choosing the right yoga mat for beginners but we will save that for another day.

Choosing The Best Yoga Mat For Beginners>>

6. Yoga Equipment Props & Accessories

If you are as inflexible as we are then you will likely need a yoga prop to help you get started on the path to flexibility. You will frequently need one of these yoga props if you are new to the yoga game and are too inflexible for some of the poses. Luckily you can get these and yoga bands free at most studios but if you are practising at home you will need to pick one up. There are some really affordable options on Amazon and Ebay.

7. Yoga Clothing

Once again this probably an essay in the making but let’s keep it brief, yoga clothing is the world’s biggest rabbit hole. Basically, if you have ever done any form of exercise you have clothes that are suitable for yoga classes. While the yoga ads and classes you see all around town are decked out in the tightest gear possible there is always the low-cost option. If and when you take it to the next level and get into advanced yoga you may want to look at high-performance yoga apparel.

Some brief investigation online showed that some yoga style was needed. We choose some additional accessories from Sulu Bracelets who have a cool range of yoga bracelets.

Signing Up For Beginners Yoga Classes

We rang the local studio and they were really helpful about the types of equipment that we might end up needing but not to stress until we had come in and done an introduction class. Luckily we had the basics covered listed above and we just ended up booking the trial month of 30 days of free yoga.

This is a great way to get started in yoga practice as a beginner as you get the best run up possible and 30 days of unlimited yoga practice at the studio for a nominal rate or for free.

Stay tuned for our full breakdown of day one of 30 days of beginners yoga.

Posted by Louis Blythe

Louis Blythe is on a mission to keep himself fit through a great diet, consistent exercise and a content mind. He shares his attempts at a healthy lifestyle so that you can learn with him.