Pure Muscle X has been making the rounds lately as the go-to nutritional supplement for those looking to significantly grow their muscle mass in a short time frame.

While we are generally all for natural remedies and organic supplements here at Command Strength we though this one particular supplement deserved a solid review so that our readers got a clear picture.

So The Question Is Is Pure Muscle X Worth Trying?

Let’s start with the basics and review the pros and cons and see if we can get to an informed decision, shall we?

What Is The Supplement Pure Muscle X?

Pure Muscle X is a dietary supplement that is intended to raise the body’s production of nitric oxide. While nitric oxide is considered a vasodilator due to its ability to expand the blood vessels within the human body. This dilation has the ability to increase the number of nutrients and oxygen that can flow through the body. This process can then result in a greater amount of those nutrients being pumped into the muscles. As anyone that has spent any time in the gym, playing a team sport or competing in endurance races knows any increase in endurance or muscular skeletal performance is a bonus.

I mean who would want a little more kick, right.

Ths issue with this particular supplement is that they have unfortunately spelt the name of the product incorrectly. Instead of naming it “Pure Muscle X 100% Nitric Oxide” they named it “Pure Muscle X 100% Nitrous Oxcide” complete with some confusing spelling errors.

As you may or may not know Nitrous oxide is more commonly known as laughing gas. Now this could be a clever play on words or some crazy marketing gimmick but we are sceptical.

Posted by Louis Blythe

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