We talk about eating disorders a fair bit here at Command Strength for the simple reason that discussion leads to awareness.

One issue we often run into is the-the perception of people wth eating disorders. In general, it is regularly assumed that someone with an eating disorder is ofter super skinny and frail. However, this simply could not be further from the truth.

In the above video, you will see that the obvious stereotype is miles away from the people struggling with health like ou or me. Furthermore, the way that people with eating disorders are communicated with could be far more damaging than we ever thought possible.

Interestingly, as two of the men in the video point out, it is often overlooked that any man can also suffer from this disease. So let’s band together and bring the conversation back to the table.

Posted by Louis Blythe

Louis Blythe is on a mission to keep himself fit through a great diet, consistent exercise and a content mind. He shares his attempts at a healthy lifestyle so that you can learn with him.

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