5 Ways to Practise Healthy Eating

5 Ways to Practice Healthy Eating

Growing up in a Greek family, food adopted many different roles. It wasn’t just for fuel or nutrition. Food brought family and friends together. Food was the most precious gift you could offer a guest. Food was for pleasure. Entering...

/ March 2, 2016
Crazy Fit Gym Girls

Do Not Mess With These Girls! Crazy Fit!

We often like to think of ourselves as fitter than we actually are, you know that feeling when you look in the mirror after a workout? Enter Crazy Fit Gym Girls Well these girls are the real deal. Super fit...

/ March 2, 2016
Stregth and Balance Home Workout Video

Strength and Balance Home Workout Video

Here at Command Strength, we try to preach, teach and practice practical exercise routines that are maintainable. There is nothing worse than trying to get you but into gear and back into the gym only to spend half the time...

/ February 29, 2016
People With Eating Disorders

The Startling Truth About People With Eating Disorders

We talk about eating disorders a fair bit here at Command Strength for the simple reason that discussion leads to awareness. One issue we often run into is the-the perception of people wth eating disorders. In general, it is regularly...

/ February 29, 2016
Wine Workout Exercise Class

Wine Workout! Drinking Red Wine Enhances Performance

We don’t know about you but we would be much better at regular exercise if it contained these key ingredients such as blood, sweat & tears. Oh and wine. Lots and lots of delicious Barossa Shiraz.

/ February 29, 2016

This Amazing Surprise Proposal Will Leave You Spinning

This is the best, most fun, flash mob wedding proposal you will ever see! Jared & Adam fell in love at JoyRide Cycling Studio and the rest is history <3 Grab your tissues! Posted by HooplaHa – Only Good News...

/ February 29, 2016
How To Have Sex

30 Best Sex Positions That Every Couple Should Know

Ready for a challenge? Ready? Off the top of your head (no cheating, put the smart phones away) try and name every sex position that you can think of. Go on give it a go we will wait for you....

/ February 25, 2016

A Beginner’s Guide to Meal Planning

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to meal planning! Great fitness and overall health and well-being stem from solid exercise foundations and sound diet plans. This article can help both men and women better plan their weight loss for women is...

/ February 23, 2016