Paleo Breakfast Recipes

Paleo Breakfast Recipes

We don’t know about you but healthy eating is high up on our agenda. One thing that we all struggle with however is making sure we tackle the most important meal of the day. Breakfast can be tough especially when you...

/ September 14, 2016
Short Stack Pancakes On The Rocks

Pancakes On The Rocks

While we all know and love the humble pancake which let’s face it is basically a thin cake covered in butter and syrup there is always a place for it in our hearts, minds and cheat days. When we feel...

/ August 5, 2016
Yoga Poses For Beginners

The 30 Day Beginner’s Yoga Challenge

When we started doing yoga it was because we had been told by many friends and read in many magazines that the benefits of yoga were vast and well worth a try. But as life tends to do sometimes we...

/ July 7, 2016
beginners guide meditation seated meditation pose

How To Meditate A Beginners Guide To Meditation

Table Of Contents1 A Simple Beginner’s Meditation Guide1.1 What Is Meditation?1.2 What Are The Health Benefits Of Meditation?2 Meditation For Newcomers3 Free Beginner’s Guide To Meditation4 Prevent Barriers To Meditation Practice5 When Should You Meditate?5.1 Find A Quiet Space (Happy...

/ June 30, 2016
Lemon Water Recipe

The Benefits of Lemon Water

Looking for the benefits of lemon water? You have come the right place. If you are to busy to read the whole article her is the short version. Drinking Lemon Water Helps Digestion Lemon Water Is A Natural Detox Method...

/ May 26, 2016
Interview With Fiona Tuck Nutritional Medicine

Interview With Nutritional Medicine Expert Fiona Tuck

Command Strength welcomes Fiona Tuck as an expert! Below is an interview to help you get a taste of her amazing knowledge and drive as a Nutritional Medicine practitioner. Fiona will be helping us ensure we keep the highest quality...

/ May 23, 2016
Coconut Oil And Its Health Benefits

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil!

Today we’re going to be talking about coconut oil and how it is absolutely one of the most impressive and amazing superfoods out there in marketplace. Coconut oil can truly be considered a modern superfood it has a unique combination...

/ May 16, 2016
Anti Social Social Networks

Is social media making us anti-social?

In 2016, social media is an integral part of our daily lives. It’s used by tweens, teens and adults alike. We check it when we wake up and we check it again before going to bed. I catch the bus...

/ April 18, 2016
How to make decisions

Deciding I will do it later, is not making a decision.

How To Make Decisions Deciding “I will do it later” is not a decision. Procrastination, delaying, stalling. We have all done it at certain times. Whether it be for a minor task like doing the dishes, stalling is a part...

/ April 2, 2016
diets and eating created by social media

Are we thinking too much about what we eat?

Sometimes I like to think about my childhood. I look back on that time and I think about that freedom. I think about how careless I was. I would wear crocs with a skirt. I would play touch footy in...

/ April 2, 2016
Get Rid Of A Stomach Ache Fast

How To Get Rid Of A Stomach Ache Fast

So we have all had it happen to us, we are working our way through the day and everything is going fine only to be struck down by sharp stabbing pains in our stomach and associated areas. One of the...

/ March 26, 2016
Cardio Workout That Strengthens Your Core

Easy Cardio Workout For Strengthening Core Muscles

Are you one of those people that love to hit the gym, trail or pool to get your heart racing? If you aren’t then we may well have found a great alternative for your lack of enthusiasm for the dreaded...

/ March 26, 2016