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How to make decisions

Deciding I will do it later, is not making a decision.

How To Make Decisions Deciding “I will do it later” is not a decision. Procrastination, delaying, stalling. We have all done it at certain times. Whether it be for a minor task like doing the dishes, stalling is a part...

/ April 2, 2016
Girl Practicing Self-Care

19 Cheap and Easy Ways to Practise Self-Care

Looking to Practise Self-Care? Or maybe you are not sure what it is? It’s the 21st century and the world is moving at a million miles an hour. As soon as our alarm goes off we’re already checking our emails. We’re...

/ March 6, 2016
Maybe Jealousy Is A Good Thing?

Maybe Jealousy Is A Good Thing?

I remember when I was young that I could have moments of intense jealously and that it was frowned upon by parents and elders. Now as a father myself I find myself regurgitating the same feedback to my son. But,...

/ March 3, 2016
Crazy Fit Gym Girls

Do Not Mess With These Girls! Crazy Fit!

We often like to think of ourselves as fitter than we actually are, you know that feeling when you look in the mirror after a workout? Enter Crazy Fit Gym Girls Well these girls are the real deal. Super fit...

/ March 2, 2016