Since its establishment in 1956, Sharp Edge Marketing has been at the forefront of marketing. Leopold Stern, the founder and current General Manager of Sharp Edge has led the business to great success. “We were the first business to market using billboards in Martin Place” he remarks. “We didn’t count on the amount of pigeon shit that would tarnish the baby wipes billboard, but it showed great initiative nonetheless”.

Now at the determined age of 86, Leopold still finds himself at the core of the business. Reluctantly embracing the digital buck of the 21st Century, and now standing firm as an elite digital marketing agency.

Says Jeffrey Martin, Head of Creative Digital “Leopold has always been the figurehead of the business and is still an integral part of the Sharp Edge team. As he shuffles through the corridors he’s met with greetings and compliments which all fall on severely deaf ears.”

Sharp Edge’s strategy moving forward involves building their personality so audiences can connect more with the conception, story and journey of the business. A component of this involved Mr Stern writing his first long-form post on LinkedIn publishing.

“It’s a great way for Mr Stern to show our stakeholders the true grit of our business approach and our proficiency within the online realm” said Mr Martin.

Upon reflection of his experience with LinkedIn Publishing, Mr Stern couldn’t be more pleased with the results. “I found it ridiculously easy to use. God knows why I’ve been dictating to some snot-nosed intern for the past 10 years when I could have been writing using this ‘whats-a-ma-jiggy’. If this doesn’t receive a few thousand retweets than I don’t know what will.”

Mr Stern refused to recognise the difference between LinkedIn Publishing and other social media platforms.

“It’s all sent to the same great cloud in the sky isn’t it? As long as it’s not considered the intellectual property of that Zuckerberg bloke, than it should be fine”.

Mr Stern’s 3000 word article on why things were better pre-smartphone and on how ‘all the best ideas come from locking two blokes in a room with a bottle of bourbon’ isn’t receiving the desired response Sharp Edge were hoping for.

With zero shares, comments and 1 like from Gary in accounting the success of their approach is being debated. It’s biggest defender at this stage being Mr Stern. “I can’t stop now, I’ve just figured out how to use all the bells & whistles of the flamin’ thing, so I’m gonna bloody well use it to its full potential”. Mr Sterns newfound interest in the online social direction of the business has resulted in a new restructure where all social media output must go through him first. Other social media channels have been suspended to make room for the amount of attention Sharp Edge will be focussing towards LinkedIn Publishing.

“I built this business, and with my newfound expertise with LinkedIn Publishing I’m going to build the shit out of our online social marketing department”. The GM remains adamant about his prowess with the social tool despite posting images of his grandkids Luke and Susie Stern instead of an infographic delivered to him by the creative team.

Mr Martin responded to changes made at Sharp Edge Marketing, “We dare not go against our GM, He fired Melissa from HR for quote ‘having a laugh that would drive a dog into open traffic.’ ”

Melissa couldn’t be reached for comment.

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