When we called up Mick, Head Trainer and Founder of Performance U, it was midmorning on a Thursday. By that time he had already been awake for over five hours, opened his gym, trained and checked in on the progress his clients are making.

You would imagine someone who’d done that much before lunchtime would sound somewhat rundown but he answers the phone with the same positive, can-do attitude he always has.

That positivity in his voice and in his actions, comes from the deep passion for what he does every day at his gym Performance U.

When Mick was fifteen years old he started lifting weights in his garage and he’s never looked back. For him, working out isn’t just for him physical health, it’s for his mental health too.

“It’s my therapy,” Mick said. “It’s my stress release. It’s part of my life. Of course I do have rest days that are built into my program. But if I don’t train I feel like something’s missing in my day.”

His love of lifting weights has helped Mick throughout his life. The strength and endurance he’d developed helped him perform at his best during his Rugby League career as he took the field for the Canterbury Bulldogs and the South Sydney Rabbitohs. When his Rugby League career came to a close there was only one logical option for Mick.

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A career in fitness.

Mick tells us that he’s now living his dream. He’s able to use his knowledge and skills to educate his clients about training and how they can change their lifestyle for the better. He sees the lives of his clients changing before his eyes every single day. He cheers along with them as they achieve their goals, whether those goals are lifestyle, strength or performance related. That, he says, is why he does what he does.

“I love changing lives. When you come into the gym you really find out what your body is capable of doing. It’s amazing how much people surprise themselves. Their confidence really starts to grow. They have more energy. They’re so much happier,” Mick says.

For Mick, his gym is more than just his business. It’s more than just his workplace. It’s a place where he can build a strong community of like-minded people. A sense of community, he says, is a component that’s missing in most other gyms out there, not only in Sydney but across the country. And it’s what sets Performance U apart from the rest.

“Our gym helps people feel a part of something. We have BBQs and get togethers. We go Dragonboating together. We like to do things as a team. Performance U isn’t just a gym. It’s a community,” Mick says.

The gym community, one that Mick is dedicated to building, will encourage all members to dedicate themselves to making the best possible choices every single day.

When you arrive at Performance U, you can see this community aspect as soon as you walk through the door. Written on the whiteboards above the strip of synthetic turf, where members push sleds on Super Saturdays, are the amazing physical achievements clients have made over that month. Deadlift, squat and bench press PBs (personal bests)- helping to develop that sense of camaraderie and community and reminding members that everyone is there to support each other and cheer each other on to achieve their goals.

“I want everyone that walks out of this gym better,” Mick says. “Fitter, stronger, whatever better may be for that person. I want my members and my clients to feel like they’ve actually achieved something when they walk out of our gym.”

And his clients do. They get stronger, fitter, healthier and better together.

“You always leave the end of a session feeling better with yourself both physically and mentally, but more important with a smile on your face,” one client said.

Proof of that success is plastered on the wall of Mick’s office. There he keeps the success stories of his clients and his members because he’s proud of what they’ve achieved through their own motivation and hard work.

“When a client get’s their first pull-up, that’s pretty special. Or when they get a PB on deadlift or squat. That’s the best feeling,” Mick says.

Mick’s commitment to his clients isn’t just proven through the long hours he puts in six days a week, every week. It’s proven as he goes the extra mile for each and every one of his members. Mick provides his members with the option of one-on-one consultations every four to six weeks to track their progress. Most gyms in Sydney don’t offer these types of in depth consultations, let alone include them as part of the cost price.

“I do it because I love changing and transforming people’s lives,” Mick said.

What makes Mick happy is seeing his clients walk out of their consultation feeling confident about their progress and proud of what they’ve achieved so far.

For Mick, it’s all about going on the journey with his clients and seeing them achieve the goal they have set for themselves whatever that goal may be.

Each member gets a program and a nutrition plan to suit their specific goals and needs. Every four to six weeks they have the choice of coming in for a consultation to track their progress. Mick can take their measurements with a tape measure or use a body fat scanner. He can look at their food diary and identify any problem areas that might be negatively impacting their progress.

But this consultation isn’t just about a client’s physical progress. It’s an opportunity for client and trainer to discuss what’s working and what needs to change.

“It’s an opportunity for me to check in and see how they’re going,” Mick said. “We find out what’s working and we can change parts of the program if need be.”

Performance U, through Mick’s dedication and hard work, has truly perfected the balance between creating a strong gym community and achieving real, tangible results.

For full details on gym memberships and assessments contact Performance U below:

Address: 6A Leeds Street, Rhodes, Sydney, Australia 2138
Phone: 0415 640 705
Website: http://www.performanceu.com.au/

Posted by Louis Blythe

Louis Blythe is on a mission to keep himself fit through a great diet, consistent exercise and a content mind. He shares his attempts at a healthy lifestyle so that you can learn with him.