For Remonda Martinez, the day starts while we’re all still fast asleep.  She’s up at the crack of dawn, 5am every morning. There’s not much time to rest when you’re the Managing Director of Australia’s largest swimming pool builder, Blue Haven.

Remonda’s success is undoubtedly a result of her hard-working attitude. She’s had to be a hard-worker since she was fourteen years old, to prove that she would one day be capable of running her father’s business.

Remonda ignored the opinions of those around her when she left school at fourteen to work for her father’s business, Blue Haven Pools. They told her she should have finished school. They told her that she should have gone to university. She is now the only female Operator in swimming pool construction in New South Wales.

It has never been a smooth journey, Remonda admits. When she left school she worked long, laborious hours. She worked in hospitality at night and was with her father by day. She came into the business encumbered by expectations. She wasn’t just a woman in a heavily male-dominated industry. She was also the boss’s daughter. Winning the respect of her customers and tradesmen took time and effort. She’s been on calls with customers who have asked her to put her boss on the line. She’s had plenty of people to prove wrong.  Many of us mere mortals might have decided that the pressure was too great. But not Remonda.

Blue Haven has continued to develop under Remonda’s leadership, making the years of long hours and criticism worth the while.

What’s The Most Rewarding Part About Working At Blue Haven?

The most rewarding part of her job? Seeing her family business change the lives and lifestyles of families across Australia. Every day her company transforms tired backyards with broken down swings and yellowing grass into little slices of paradise. There’s water, there’s movement and there’s life returned to that family’s space. A place where they can make new memories.

Since taking control of the company, Remonda has managed to continue delivering the concrete and fiberglass pools her father one promised his customers. A pool so strong you can walk an elephant through it. The key to the businesses success? Keeping the prices low and the quality high. And employing a dedicated and hardworking team of people who are committed to making a pool for a customer as if it were for their own family.

When asked how Blue Haven can consistently keep their customers happy and deliver low prices and high quality, Remonda says it comes down to project management. For every build, there is one allocated project manager who supervises the project from the get-go. He or she ensures the tradesmen complete their tasks to the highest possible standard and arrive on-site on time. This, Remonda says, has been critical to their success.

Remonda is a pioneer for women in the construction industry, an industry that remains highly male dominated. In 2014 she was nominated as a finalist in the 2014 CEO Magazine Executive of the Year Awards. She was the only female finalist in the Construction Executive of the Year category.

Success in the construction industry, particularly as a woman, hasn’t been easy. But Remonda’s hard working attitude and determination has silenced anyone who ever doubted her. The advice she gives to others is the advice she lived by to get to where she is today.

“Stick to things, no matter how hard it gets,” she says. “Walls are meant to be climbed.”

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