If you are looking for a truly unique super food that look now further than the humble Brazil nut sometimes called the brazilian nut. Located in some of the worlds most dense rainforest across the Amazon jungle the Brazil nut is truly a source of of some of the key ingredients of any great diet.

Where Do Brazil Nut Trees Grow

Located in the same region as the acai berry and the guarana the brazil nut is truly unique to the Amazon. If you are into sciences you would be interested to note that the brazil nut is in the same family as the Lecythidaceae, in the genus: Bertholletia.

With a scientific name: Bertholletia excelsa

If like us you just care about the health benefits and not the latin names than read on.

Brazil Nuts Nutrition

Brazil nuts have some amazing health benefits that we learn more about more and more day to day. Brazil nuts help fight cancer, increase selenium production and help with weight loss and overall nutrition.
While the benefit of brazil nuts are numerous its is their ability to help the body produce selenium and improve thyroid function that is sort sort after.

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