We all have devices stuffed with apps that we never use. On the other hand, no app will ever feel as necessary and useful as the ones you use to plan and make that journey. Whether you are hiking, citybreaking, crosscountrying, backpacking, roadtripping, transatlanticing, sunholidaying or just plain spa breaking so you can finally turn off and detach from all your wretched devices, these travel apps will be the best travel companions you will ever have.


Before you make your trip to that exotic destination you might want to brush up on your foreign language skills. With over 70 million registered users, Duolingo is an impressively designed and functional language learning app. Duolingo has an attractive interface, and a structure that guides you through levels like a computer game. In fact, it is so playable you might forget that you are learning as you progress through difficulty levels picking up experience points along the way. Have fun learning the basics of up to 59 languages! Brush up on your grammar and vocabulary and comfortably and confidently order coffee in multiple languages in multiple destinations.


Skyscanner is the only app you need to find the perfect deal on all domestic and international flights. A flight search engine, Skyscanner compares prices of millions of flights from hundreds of airlines. you can book flights directly from the app or use links provided connecting you directly to travel agents and airlines. Filters provide you with options for stops, times,schedules, airports and multi-part bookings so you can find the perfect balance between cost and convenience.

XE Currency Converter

XE currency converter is the go-to currency converter on the web and it’s app has well over 20 million downloads since its launch. It does exactly what it says on the tin, and can convert every world currency for your convenience. It also has many business/financial features like bank rates, precious metal prices and historic currency charts. If you are without connectivity the app saves the last updates rates so you are not left high and dry.

App In The Air

App in the Air is a smart, straightforward flight tracking app with coverage of airlines and airports, that will keep you updated on your flight status. It brings all of your flight details together in one place. You can connect the app to your email account for automatic uploads of all your travel data. App in the Air manages your time at the airport from check-in and boarding to take off and landing. You’ll be notified about gate changes and delays and also have access to information on weather, traffic and airport specifics.

Google Maps

Google maps is simply a revolutionary tool that nobody can do without. Go virtually anywhere on the planet with satellite imagery, street maps, 360º panoramic street view, real-time traffic information, local information and route planning by foot, car, bicycle or public transport. Never get lost again, familiarise yourself with your new destination, spy on your friends new distant home or simply admire the earth you live on. Offline maps helps you to store sections of territory to access when you are without internet connectivity.


Airbnb is the world biggest accommodation sharing site. Choose from over 600,000 listings, covering 34,000 countries and a variety of accommodations from rooms to apartments to an entire house with swimming pool. Browse properties with photos, map listings, host profiles and very competitive rates compared to hotels. Once you have booked arrange with the host when and where to meet convenient to your arrival time and the accommodation location. Your host will provide you with keys and information and you can get busy pretending to be a local.


Citymapper is a transit app that helps you find the fastest and easiest method of public transportation to help you get to your destination; whether it is by bus, subway, train or taxi because a city’s public transportation system can be very confusing if you are not a local. Citymapper provides real-time data from transit agencies so you are updated about delays and they also partner with multiple cab companies worldwide. Citymapper is not available in all cities just yet, but it does cover most major cities around the globe.

Google Translate

Google Translate recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and also added 13 new languages. Google Translate is the app that overcomes all language barriers and will translate any text, speech, image, site or real-time video from one language to another. You will never be confused by words you come across on your travels, just hold your camera up to the text, like a sign or menu, and google translate will translate it for you. You will never order offal by mistake again and the rental won’t get towed cause you didn’t understand the parking signage!


Uber is a ride-sharing app that connects you with personal drivers. Uber is of particular benefit in the big cities around the globe where cabs are expensive and the public transport system is inadequate. You locate your driver by GPS with the touch of a button, and pay through the app, so you don’t need to hand over cash or credit card. Uber notifies you of your wait time and you can track your car approaching you through the app. There is also in-app fare splitting if you are more than one passenger.


foursquare is a city guide that will lead you to the perfect spot to eat, drink, shop, visit and be entertained anywhere in the world. Which is of great value when you are visiting somewhere new. Foursquare features categories like breakfast, lunch dinner, night life, things to do and you can refine listings with filters and direct search criteria. You can also access helpful reviews and tips from the foursquare community and keep track of where you have been and where you want to go.

Campaign Kit

If you want to share pictures of your travels with friends and family or maybe create a great photo collage or slideshow the Campaign Kit is what you are after. With millions of handy templates to choose from you can have a great looking journal cover or blog post ready in minutes. The only design app you will ever need.

Posted by Zoe Harnois