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Sophia is a Law and Communications student at UTS and has been a passionate writer her whole life. She runs a blog called The Beauty Breakdown which aims to educate young people about the importance of positive body image. Sophia writes openly about her struggles with mental health problems having battled with an eating disorder and anxiety for most of her adolescence. Sophia is a strong advocate for a holistic approach to health and wellness which is drawn from her own experiences.

Anti Social Social Networks

Is social media making us anti-social?

In 2016, social media is an integral part of our daily lives. It’s used by tweens, teens and adults alike. We check it when we wake up and we check it again before going to bed. I catch the bus...

/ April 18, 2016
diets and eating created by social media

Are we thinking too much about what we eat?

Sometimes I like to think about my childhood. I look back on that time and I think about that freedom. I think about how careless I was. I would wear crocs with a skirt. I would play touch footy in...

/ April 2, 2016
Why Female Role Models Matter, Developing Women Leaders

Why Female Role Models Matter, Developing Women Leaders

When we are young we are malleable and easily impressionable. The messages we receive from our friends, family and popular culture are pivotal in moulding who and what we become. Our parents teach us at an early age that stealing...

/ March 22, 2016
Dieting Doesn't Work

Why Dieting Doesn’t Work

Why Most Diets Fail Why the percentage of diets that fail is growing and people giving health a real chance are finding dieting doesn’t work and worse losing weight isn’t making people happy. It’s the age old question. Does losing...

/ March 22, 2016
Fitness Blogs

The Top 12 Food and Fitness Blogs

Blogs are the new black. There are thousands of them on the world wide web.There are blogs about everything. From fashion to food, from motherhood to travel.  People have stopped using the phonedirectory and are using the internet instead to have...

/ March 16, 2016
Healthy Post Workout Snacks

13 Epic Post-workout Snack Suggestions

It’s hard to know what your body needs nutrition wise after you workout. Everyone’s workout is different. How much you eat and what you should eat post-workout is influenced by a number of factors including the type of activity you’ve completed,...

/ March 11, 2016
Girl With Eating Disorder

How Do You Tell if Someone Has an Eating Disorder?

How Do You Tell if Someone Has an Eating Disorder? We have a serious problem on our hands. It’s an issue we don’t often raise. It’s an issue that’s awkward and uncomfortable to address. But we need to talk about...

/ March 6, 2016
Girl Practicing Self-Care

19 Cheap and Easy Ways to Practise Self-Care

Looking to Practise Self-Care? Or maybe you are not sure what it is? It’s the 21st century and the world is moving at a million miles an hour. As soon as our alarm goes off we’re already checking our emails. We’re...

/ March 6, 2016
Cheap Things To Do With Your Friends

25 Super Cheap Things You Can Do With Your Friends This Weekend

These days socialising is more expensive than ever. There are Hens parties being held in Bali, weddings in Italy and weekends away in the Hunter. Brunch on a Sunday is likely to punish the bank balance and drinks on the weekend...

/ March 4, 2016
5 Ways to Practise Healthy Eating

5 Ways to Practice Healthy Eating

Growing up in a Greek family, food adopted many different roles. It wasn’t just for fuel or nutrition. Food brought family and friends together. Food was the most precious gift you could offer a guest. Food was for pleasure. Entering...

/ March 2, 2016