Let’s face it Tinder has totally changed the dating landscape forever. We stumbled across this video about how swiping right may be hurting your chances of love and we must say we got a little depressed by it.

Forget the days of stalking your potential love interest on Facebook for hours on end or filling out a dating profile that explained your brilliance in 350 heartfelt words.

The dating game has moved on in a big way.

Now we blissfully swipe away at the yoga studio, in the gym and on the couch while they stare blankly between Netflix and their potential true love’s Tinder profile.

This is idle swiping because we can and let’s face it because we are addicted. These applications of love are made to draw us in and they are succeeding beautifully. One of the more disheartening facts of the Tinder ecosystem is that roughly 42% of the user base is not single.

Picture friends haveing competitions to see who can get the most matches at a girls night in. You get the picture.

Posted by Louis Blythe

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