Month: April 2016

Anti Social Social Networks

Is social media making us anti-social?

In 2016, social media is an integral part of our daily lives. It’s used by tweens, teens and adults alike. We check it when we wake up and we check it again before going to bed. I catch the bus...

/ April 18, 2016
How to make decisions

Deciding I will do it later, is not making a decision.

How To Make Decisions Deciding “I will do it later” is not a decision. Procrastination, delaying, stalling. We have all done it at certain times. Whether it be for a minor task like doing the dishes, stalling is a part...

/ April 2, 2016
diets and eating created by social media

Are we thinking too much about what we eat?

Sometimes I like to think about my childhood. I look back on that time and I think about that freedom. I think about how careless I was. I would wear crocs with a skirt. I would play touch footy in...

/ April 2, 2016