Today we’re going to be talking about coconut oil and how it is absolutely one of the most impressive and amazing superfoods out there in marketplace. Coconut oil can truly be considered a modern superfood it has a unique combination of essential fatty acids that can have amazing and positive effects on your total health and wellbeing.

Some of these amazing effects include but are not limited to things such as weight loss improved and enhanced brain function skin health gut health and lower levels of HDL cholesterol.

below we have listed what we believe to be the top 10 amazing health benefits of coconut oil and the ways in which you can radically alter and affect your health.

1. Coconut Oil Contains  Fatty Acids

A common negative feeling towards coconut oil is that it has an excessively large quantity of saturated fat. While coconut oil Is incredibly high in saturated fat with one of the highest quantities of saturated fat in any food product available.

However, modern dietary guidelines including the Atkins Diet and the Paleo Diet suggests that diets high in saturated fat can actually be harmless. Certain types of fats can have a negative impact on your body the type of saturated fats found in coconut oil is not a standard animal-based saturated fat found in highly processed meats and cheeses. The saturated fats found in coconut oil is considered a medium chain triglyceride which are fatty acids of a medium length. Most fatty acids found in fast food & takeaways are considered long-chain fatty acids and have many negative health effects.

Medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil are metabolised in a completely different way to the long chain fatty acids. Medium chain fatty acids are quickly metabolised by the liver where they can be used as a brilliant source of energy and can help fight various brain disorders including Alzheimer’s disease.

Take Away: Coconut oil contains healthy sources of medium chain triglycerides also known as easily metabolised and therapeutically healthy fats.

2. Healthy People Eat Coconuts & Coconut Products

In some ways, coconut and coconut oil can be considered an exotic food and is often considered an alternative medicine for health conscious people. Around much of the world, coconut is considered a key dietary ingredient with large populations of people using it as a daily staple allowing their families to eat healthily and grow.

Large communities around the globe regularly use coconut oil products in a daily diet many populations within the South Pacific have diets that consist of large quantities of coconut and coconut products but these people do not have excessively high levels of bad cholesterol in fact they have excellent health and very little incidence of heart disease.

Take Away:  healthy populations all around the world rely on coconut oil and coconut products as a key cornerstone of their diet to ensure total health benefits.

3. Coconut Oil Increases Your Energy Levels & Metabolism

One of the major global health concerns at present is obesity with a large amount of the world’s population facing it’s negative health impacts. Mother and many causes of obesity one of the primary reasons for its prevalence are the poor dietary intake of individuals. However not all calories are created equal and many foods can have radically different effects on the human body even though they contain a similar calorie count.

Different types of foods at a dead body in different ways calorie from meat calories from sugar recovery from plant-based products all very radically . Your body metabolises different types of calories in different ways calories are taken from plant-based foods generally have a shorter cell structure resulting in medium chain triglycerides that convert into energy differently to long chain fatty acids found in meat products.

Take Away: The medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil  increase energy expenditure when compared to long chain fatty acids this results in a higher metabolism and greater long-term benefits including weight loss.

4. Coconut Oil Can Prevent Infections By Killing Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi

Almost half of the fatty acids contained in coconut oil is Lauric Acid.

When coconut oil is digested by the body it forms a special type chemical compound called monolaurin.

These fantastic by-products of coconut oil such as lauric acid and monolaurin work within your body and can kill dangerous pathogens like bacteria, viruses and even types of fungi.

The ability of coconut oil to kill and remove deadly and dangerous pathogens are just one of the additional benefits of coconut oil and it’s positive health impacts on the body.

Take Away:  The beneficial by-products of consuming coconut oil create fatty acids that have the ability to kill harmful pathogens,  giving the body fit healthy and strong in preventing the development of deadly infections.

5. Coconut Oil Suppresses Hunger

One of the great benefits of coconut oil that we have said is that it has an amazing ability to reduce the feeling of Hunger and how much you thinking need to eat. When adding coconut and coconut oil products to various foods such as salads, stir fries and other dishes the increase in fatty acids specifically the way coconut oil is metabolised by the body and can result in an appetite-suppressing effect. We have found that by eating coconut oil you feel fuller for longer and often don’t have the need to ingest additional calories. By consuming coconut oil earlier in the day you will feel fuller for longer resulting in fewer calories consumed for the day.

Take Away: Coconut oil consumed by the body has the ability to significantly reduce your appetite resulting in fewer calories consumed throughout the day giving you a long term health benefit and reduction in body weight.

6. Coconut Oil Can Reduce Seizures

One cutting-edge benefit of coconut oil that has only been recently discovered is its ability to reduce the threat and incidents of various disorders within the body. One of the better-known benefits and therapeutic applications of coconut oil is its ability to tackle childhood epilepsy specifically the type of epilepsy that has become drug resistant.

The type of diet required to create such an amazing effect is one that is low in carbohydrates and is inclusive of large amounts of good fat that results in a particular type of diet be beneficial by leading to larger concentrations ketone within the body specifically the blood. In recent studies, it has been shown to dramatically reduce the rate of seizures in children that suffer epilepsy especially those that had previously tried large ranges of epilepsy drugs.

Take Away: Coconut oil can increase the positive effects concentration of ketone within the body, which has been seen to reduce the frequency and effect of epileptic seizures children.

7. Coconut Oil Improves Blood Cholesterol & Helps Fight Heart Disease

Imagine of food that had the ability to improve your blood cholesterol levels and help fight the incidence and effects of heart disease sounds cool right?

Well, coconut oil is loaded with saturated fats which had the amazing ability to reduce the impact and negative effects of heart disease specifically modify your blood fat cell profile and increasing healthy fats or decreasing negative fats.

coconut oil is stacked with healthy saturated fat that has a positive effect on your cholesterol and results in a larger quantity of HDL or good cholesterol.  in numerous studies, coconut oil has been shown to positively reduce the number of LDL cholesterol aka bad cholesterol

The positive effects that coconut oil has been shown to reduce cardiovascular risk factors and the negative health issues they create.

Take Away: Numerous studies have shown consumption coconut oil as the ability to increase good cholesterol while reducing bad cholesterol which has the potential long-term benefit resulting in a healthier heart and a reduced incidence of heart disease.

8. Coconut Oil Can Protect Your Body

Some of the various aspects that are not commonly discussed coconut oil include its ability to protect the body.

On multiple fronts coconut oil has various cosmetic benefits that can be used to improve your overall health and the appearance of your body.

coconut oil can be used as a cosmetic product to improve the strength and quality of your hair the complexion of your skin and various other cosmetic purposes. Multiple studies have shown that coconut oil can have a positive impact on dry skin and improve one’s overall complexion coconut oil has also been shown to work as a natural sunscreen the ability to block out some of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays resulting in a healthier overall skin. Coconut oil can also improve the strength and structure of hair resulting in a much healthier and full head of hair.

As previously mentioned coconut oil has the added benefit of being able to combat a fight harmful bacteria one of the additional applications used by some people of coconut oil is as an organic mouthwash and at reducing bad breath by killing bacteria within the mouth resulting in improved oral health.

Take Aways: Coconut oil has health benefits beyond simply consuming it as a food product coconut oil can be used to improve skin care and quality as an everyday moisturiser that protects the skin fights disease and works is a natural sunscreen and mouthwash.

9. Coconut Oil Makes You Smarter By Boosting Brain Function

Coconut oil is not only delicious amazing ability to reverse some of the harmful effects of powerful and prohibited brain diseases in recent studies Alzheimer’s patientsExposed to daily quantities of coconut oil had many positive effects daily energy levels as well as an overall improvement in brain function of sufferers with milder cases of Alzheimer’s disease.

The body’s ability to convert coconut oil into medium chain triglycerides may be one of the keys to unlocking and tackling some of the debilitating brain diseases and will hopefully result in a more intensive and Sara research process inter potential alternative treatments for Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Take Away: Coconut oil has the ability to supply the body with essential fatty acids that are used for energy used for critical brain function. By consuming coconut oil on a daily basis your body will have better access to more consistent energy levels critical for brain function.

10. Coconut Oil Fights Fat

Imagine if there was a food that suppressed your appetite, increased energy levels reduce bad cholesterol and help you lose weight it would be considered the holy grail superfoods.

Well, Coconut oil has been shown to reduce stomach fat surrounding your internal organs within your abdominal cavity. Fat stored around the midsection is considered one of the most deadly and dangerous fat stores within the human body I just wanted to key indicators of obesity.

All the positive effects of coconut oil combined with a proper diet can result in a significant reduction in your body mass index and waist circumference simply from including it in your daily dietary consumption. A healthy diet consisting of fresh fruit vegetables and nuts as well as lean organic meats and dairy products supplemented with coconut oil can result in lower levels the bad cholesterol high levels of quality low-glycemic index energy and the ability for the body to feel fuller for longer resulting in a daily reduction in weight gain.

Take Away: Simply adding coconut oil to your daily diet may have the ability to reduce your body mass index and overall weight circumference resulting in a healthier happier you.

Posted by Louis Blythe

Louis Blythe is on a mission to keep himself fit through a great diet, consistent exercise and a content mind. He shares his attempts at a healthy lifestyle so that you can learn with him.